About us

Erametsakeskus_LOGOFoundation Private Forest Centre (PFC, in Estonian Sihtasutus Erametsakeskus) is government foundation whose objectives are raising competence of private forest owners and promoting environmentally friendly and effective private forestry. It is sector-specific consulting and development centre. With the help of Private Forest Centre, Estonian private forests will be well managed.

Main tasks of Private Forest Centre are:

  • Administrating national and EU subsidies for private forest owners
  • Developing private forestry support system
  • Other development activities related to private forestry

Private Forest Centre is accredited measurement laboratory in the field of area measurement.

Our mission is to develop private forestry support system and ensure its’ functioning in cooperation with its’ other parties, to ensure sustainable management of Estonian private forests.

Our long-term objective by the year 2020: Estonian private forestry support system is driven by private initiative and is functioning. It’s based on the forest owners associations and is professional, credible and sustainable. Its services are available all over Estonia in even quality and are used by private forest owners.

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Main values of Private Forest Centre are:

  • Reliability. PFC is professional organization whose staff are highly competent and motivated, to achieve the best results.
  • Customer orientation. In its activities PFC is orientated by the interests of its customers and engages them in different stages of service providing.
  • Cooperation. PFC staff knows, that strength lies in unity and therefore values helping each other and cooperation with different institutions.

Introduction booklet of PFC and its activities can be found here.